Sample Coaching Agreement

Client: __________ Office Phone:_________      Cell phone:_________

Coach: Liz Barron,   Cell phone:  301 852 8189


The coach and client agree to respect each other’s time by:

  • Being punctual for meetings and phone calls
  • Showing up prepared for the session, having set aside an hour to work together
  • Giving 24 hours’ notice of a changed or cancelled appointment

The scope of coaching

Coaching supports whole, healthy and resourceful people as they work out how to move forward in a current professional situation, or explore the kind of future they wish to create for themselves. Coaching draws out the intelligence and wisdom of the client rather than taking on a role of advising or being an expert consultant. Likewise, therapeutic or counseling approaches are different from coaching. However, coaching does address personal issues or life conditions that have impact on professional effectiveness.  The coach and client are both committed to observing the boundaries of coaching.

The coach/client relationship

The client can count on the coach to  support the client’s aspirations and growth by asking questions, making observations, and providing a safe, supportive space in which these topics can be discussed. The coach can count on the client to be committed to his/her personal and professional development, willing to challenge current beliefs, and able to accept feedback. The client will be committed to making the time to do the work of coaching that often happens between sessions.  The client and coach may choose to discontinue the coaching relationship at any time for any reason.


The coach commits to keeping anything shared by the client strictly confidential. Nothing discussed in coaching will be shared outside the session, except with the expressed permission of the client. The only exception to this would be anything said by the client suggesting s/he might harm him/herself or others.

Coaching Term

[number of sessions or ongoing relationship] Client agrees to forfeit a session if s/he does not give 24 hours’ notice, or if s/he is more than 20 minutes late for a scheduled session. Coach will provide a make-up session if s/he has to cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, or is more than 20 minutes late for a scheduled session.

Our signatures below indicate full understanding and agreement with this agreement:

Client  ________________________________________     Date: ___________

Coach ________________________________________      Date: ___________

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