Coaching Process

It’s all about you.

Time to get out there

Time to get out there

Are you asking the right questions about your life and career? In coaching sessions you will decide what you want to talk about, and I will listen and ask questions you may not have considered. You have the right answers–you just need to bring them to the surface. You will make your own decisions about what to do.

I am on your side—a source of support exclusively concerned with your wants and needs. Sometimes I’ll push you, challenging your view of the world; my job is to prompt you to assess your current situation and future options in fresh and novel ways, giving you new eyes to see yourself and your surroundings.

On the right road?

On the right road?

Coaching is about change–changing your own behavior; changing your world of work; learning to see and deal with problems in a different way. Of course the change is intended to be positive, helping you remove obstacles (often self-imposed) to your own happiness and success.   Change takes focus, practice and effort. You will need to work on noticing what you do and how it helps or harms you. You will need to think deeply about what you want and what change will be necessary to make it possible. You will need to practice doing and seeing things differently. If you are going to reap the rewards of meeting with a coach, you must be prepared to work at it between sessions. Sitting and talking with me won’t be enough.


It doesn’t matter who pays the bill, your sessions are just between you and me. You should not sign up for coaching unless YOU want to see some difference in your life. What you discuss with me and what you decide to do is your business and yours alone—a conversation I am happy to have with your boss or training officer.

Working out what you want and need

IMG_3330Sometimes you’ll want help thinking through what you truly want. Sometimes you’ll know, and we’ll concentrate on how you might achieve your ambitions. Sometimes you’ll recognize that a change you may not welcome is on its way. Then, we’ll explore how to make it work best for you. Whatever your situation, coaching can help you learn to listen to your heart, trust your gut, read your environment, and uncover powerful, life-enhancing options.

Timeline and Location

No Time to Lose

No Time to Lose

Most people find it useful to meet for an hour once every couple of weeks, but you can choose the schedule that works best for you. I usually coach at 8am in Washington DC, in College Park MD, or Anne Arundel County, MD.  We can meet at your office, or at one of my locations.

If you live outside  the Washington DC metro region, I can coach using Skype, Facetime or on the phone.

Time for Change

Coaching takes a lot of time and effort—yours and mine. You should probably plan for around 15 one-hour sessions—less than one day out of a lifetime, but a commitment that will make a difference long into your future. I ask that you commit to three sessions and pay in advance to get started–this way we both know you are serious. I am happy to offer you a free sample session to see if we are a good fit, and to give you a flavor of coaching, and how I work. Contact me:

Why fifteen sessions?

Find out how coaching is different from counseling or consulting.

Lee Salmon, Federal Consulting Group, U.S. Department of the Treasury writes:

“Coaching’s greatest impact in government is in the development of future leadership and leaders who are agile enough to address a growing complexity of issues…The use of coaching across government will continue to grow. It will be used increasingly to build high-performing work teams and expanded collaboration between government agencies. “

Read The Evolution of Coaching in the U.S. Federal Government 

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