About Liz Barron

Live with heart

Live with heart

Coaching via skype, facetime or phone for people all over the world. Coaching one-on-one in the Washington DC metro area. 

Liz Barron | phone 202 823 3646 | leadershipcoachdc@icloud.com

Step towards your future

Step towards your future

I am an International Coach Federation  Certified Coach and a graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program. Since 2008, I have coached leaders from companies including Bayer and Under Armour, and from government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Treasury Department. I support the development of non-profit leaders too. I have worked with leaders in Australia, China, India and the UK in addition to those in the United States.

I am certified to administer  and debrief the Center for Creative Leadership’s 360-degree assessments and the Hogan self-assessment suite, plus the Federal Executive Leadership Inventory.

Professional Background

I have coached at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park,where coaching is a differentiator for the Executive MBA and a key component of many leadership development programs. I am an active member of the ICF Metro DC chapter.

I specialize in coaching people who are:

  • eager to do well in a new country, location, or job
  • seeking a career or life change
  • preparing to succeed at  a new level in their professional life

I am originally from Ireland and have worked in the Washington DC area since 2000. I

Many Hats

Many Hats

came to the U.S. as VP of Programming for BBC America in 2000 and have extensive experience in journalism, tv production and as a channel executive with the BBC and Discovery. My background equips me to help you with resume writing, executive presence, story telling, and leadership communications, and with a range of soft skills I draw  on my own experience as a public service leader and corporate executive when I am coaching.

I specialize in leadership development for federal executives at levels GS14, GS15 and SES and have facilitated workshops designed to help government managers develop leadership and management skills in line with the OPM ECQS. My transition from broadcasting into a successful  career in executive education gives me particular insight when I  am working with people who seek to make a mid-life career transition.

I have supported the development of many Fortune 500 board members and C-suite executives through my work at the National Association of Corporate Directors where I was Director of Education. I was formerly Director of Leadership Programs at the Brookings Institution, one of the world’s most highly regarded think tanks. At Brookings, I supported the development of federal SES candidates and  high potential GS12-15 public service managers. I have also coached a number of policy, embassy and think-tank leaders.

star3tony3I have two young adult children. I was their foster carer. I know all about taking a risk to pursue a dream, and sticking to commitments when the going gets tough.

My business, government and leadership experience is augmented by my Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the George Washington University. I hold a BA in Politics from the University of Hull, in the UK.


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